The Future of HR for Small and Medium Businesses

When onboarding a new hire for one of our clients, they are often surprised to discover that HR has been outsourced – if they realize it.

They more often assume that our on-site team members work part-time or are just in many meetings. We respond to their emails quickly and take their calls when they reach out, so they don’t always realize we’re not working full-time on-site.  

That’s the point, however. Why pay a full-time resource to sit at a desk when you can access that same expertise as needed? With emails and cell phones, you don’t necessarily need someone on-site, full-time. Especially if your budget only allows you to have one HR resource with one skill set.

Image showing HR services for small businesses

Access to an Entire HR Team 

Our clients have found what feels like a revolutionary solution. When they work with Tenfold HR Solutions, they suddenly have access to an entire HR team led by two partners with over 30 years of HR Experience behind them. The Strategy is set, and work is overseen by a Partner who works primarily with leadership.

A qualified HR Generalist is onsite as frequently as necessary and is available to employees with questions. And there will always be a coordinator working in the background to support that generalist and keep your recruitment efforts moving forward.

Building Relationships

Employees and your management team need to know and be comfortable with their HR contacts. That can be achieved quite easily, though, by having us on-site frequently (at set times if desired) and in front of employees doing some training, attending team meetings etc.   

Our ongoing clients often assign us internal email addresses and a group HR ( address. We add it to Outlook and monitor emails daily. We use a company signature line with our direct line, so it’s easy when employees need to reach us. No different than a branch employee calling HR at head office, they aren’t always face to face, but they get a timely response to their questions and assistance as needed.

What’s Old is New Again

This outsourcing model isn’t new. Outsourced IT often works with a very similar model, providing remote support with onsite availability as needed. The difference is that many of our conversations are less transactional, and we need to build those relationships with management and the employee base. This means we work hard to keep the primary consultants consistent, so they become familiar with and feel like team members.  

Vacation Coverage? Parental Leaves? No Problem!

Coverage is essential when you have a busy or growing team. With Tenfold HR Solutions, your team will always have a resource available when they reach out, and we’ll worry about continuity, so you don’t have to.

No more scrambling to find coverage for long vacations or parental leave. Let us handle that on our end, and your team can continue to enjoy the same level of service.  

We can cover mat leaves and augment teams if you also need a temporary addition.

The Importance of Internal Customer Service

Internal customer service is just as important as the customer service you provide to your customers. As our client, we want you to be delighted. We do this by providing the best customer service possible to your team within your own company. Timely, professional advice provided by friendly, efficient team members – that’s what we do best, and it keeps our clients so happy that most of our new clients come from referrals!  


About how outsourcing HR might make sense for your organization. Just follow the link below to schedule a consult with a member of our team:

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