Save Time & Paper with BambooHR!

At Tenfold HR Solutions, we work with small to medium-sized companies to set up and maintain efficient and agile HR teams. We’re frequently asked for advice on HR Information Systems (HRIS) and what options are available. Clients are looking for ways to save time and money and reduce all the paper involved with onboarding.

We’ve worked with quite a few HR Systems.  Some are more intuitive and easier to use (and set up) than others. We recommend BambooHR time and time again because it works so well for our clients – and our team!

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Paperless HR Processes

Tenfold is now an Official Reseller

In the fall of 2019, we officially qualified as resellers of BambooHR, so you can now subscribe directly through us! Using a local reseller like us, you enjoy the same product at the same rates but with a local support team available to help with your implementation.  We can also help with future HR needs – BambooHR or otherwise! 

Local Support

Building a relationship with our HR Professionals means you will always have someone to call for help with all your HR needs – not only with project work but with day-to-day operations, recruitment, strategic planning and more. We pride ourselves on being the HR Department you need when you need it – scaling up or down with your business to ensure you always have the right amount of Ongoing HR Support. 

Our Favourite Features

Easy to Set Up

Relative to the larger systems out there, the BambooHR setup is straightforward. It can be set up in stages so you can begin using it for core functions while configuring additional models.


Reasonable Price Point

As this is a subscription cloud-based software, the price point is very reasonable, and the number of administrative hours saved well justifies the cost.



Log in online and use it on your phone – most employees find the system intuitive and easy to use and begin using it to check vacation balances and submit time-off requests immediately. 


Reduce Paper (Save Time?)

Paperless onboarding saves so much paper and print time, postage and hassle. Email the offer out to your new hire so they can e-sign the contract, their tax forms, and other onboarding documents. 

Paperless performance reviews are designed to be completed quickly, focusing on critical questions, so you know your managers are talking about the things that matter. You can even ask for peer input electronically to ensure you provide employees with robust feedback. Spend time on crucial conversations with your employee, not printing docs and pdfs for sign-off and filing.

PTO Transparency

The HR/Payroll function often spends a lot of time on spreadsheets tracking vacation accruals and balances. With BambooHR, employees can see how their various PTO balances are managed and when they’ve used time. 


ATS Built Right In

The ATS (applicant tracking system) makes collaborating on the screening and selecting candidates much more manageable. HR can easily coordinate the posting, and the candidates in the system and the hiring manager can pop in to track & review the best candidates, add notes for the recruiter, etc. 


Much More

Track training, and benefits information, add HR docs and relevant links for easy employee reference and keep on top of employee satisfaction with the eNPS (employee net promoter score or NPS) survey function. 


If BambooHR sounds like it might be a fit for your organization, click here to request a Demo.

We provide them ourselves to be sure you see the features you’re interested in.  You can also contact us directly at