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We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your current policies, processes, or situation to gain a better understanding of your organization’s history and culture. This assessment is a crucial step in the process, enabling us to determine what you have in place and why. For instance, when evaluating your recruitment process, we may engage with hiring managers to understand their approach to recruitment and the reasoning behind it.


After gathering information and assessing the current situation, we will use our expertise and experience to identify areas for improvement. We’re careful not to reinvent the wheel if elements are functioning well. For instance, we may discover that your hiring managers effectively conduct reference checks and ask relevant questions but must improve their response time to candidates and job postings.


We will propose solutions to optimize the process, policy, or situation. We will consider various alternatives and recommend the best fit for your environment while considering what you already have in place and what will yield the best return on investment of time and money. For example, we may suggest setting up an HR module in your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and utilizing an applicant tracking system (ATS) to streamline recruitment.


Once we have a solution in mind and you approve it, we will work together to ensure the project succeeds. This may involve us doing much of the work or collaborating with your team members. We understand that change management and training are often necessary, and we will support you through the process. For example, we may assist your team in configuring the ATS and train your hiring managers to use it to improve collaboration and streamline the hiring process, resulting in a shorter time from posting to hiring.

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