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HR audits

An HR audit is valuable for organizations looking to improve their human resource management practices. It provides an in-depth analysis of HR policies, procedures, and processes, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. The results of an HR audit can lead to increased efficiency, legal compliance, improved employee relations, better use of resources, and overall improved organizational performance. By conducting regular HR audits, organizations can stay ahead of HR-related challenges, ensuring a smooth and effective HR function.

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Our HR Audit leverages the following steps:

Initial Assessment:

The audit begins with an initial assessment of your organization’s current HR practices, procedures, and handbooks. Our team will gather data and information on your workforce, such as employee demographics, turnover rates, and employee satisfaction levels.  

Compliance Review:

The next step is to review the organization’s compliance with relevant laws and regulations, including labour laws, immigration laws, and data privacy regulations.  


We will interview employees, managers, and senior leaders to better understand your organization’s HR practices. This understanding will provide valuable insights into company culture, communication, and employee engagement. 

On-site Visit:

Tenfold will also conduct an on-site visit(s) to observe your organization’s processes and procedures. We will review the organization’s physical working conditions and the interaction between employees and management. 

Report and Recommendations:

After the audit is complete, Tenfold will provide a detailed report that includes findings, recommendations, and an improvement plan.  The report will provide an overall picture of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses. We will work with your organization to develop a strategy to address any issues we identify.


After reviewing and discussing the report, we will work with your organization to implement the recommendations.  These recommendations may include developing new policies and procedures, redesigning processes, providing training, or improving employee engagement or retention programs. 

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