Benefits of an HR Audit

It’s that time of year again…

Time to get the books in order and submit your taxes. Whether personal or business, we need to take a step back, pull the data together, and send our info.  We all know the importance of a financial statement audit for the bank or shareholders. Some of us may have also had the often-trying experience of a CRA audit.

We’re here to tell you that this time of year is also suitable for an audit that is virtually guaranteed to be a positive experience… an HR Audit!

As the lifecycle of your organization changes, it’s essential to know where you stand. An HR Audit will tell you whether your policies and procedures are in line with legislation (to reduce risk), whether you have the right employee feedback processes (to reduce attrition) and if you have the right technology in place (to reduce effort).

benefits of HR audit for a small business

Proven Results

We at Tenfold HR Solutions have a proven system to carry out an HR Audit and drive home Tenfold results for our customers. Our report helps you identify what is working well and where you could improve. The report has specific recommendations on what you can do to see immediate results.

Armed with the information we provide, our clients can take action to make the most of their HR efforts. This ensures optimal support for leaders and employees and a more successful year. Coupled with ongoing support, the difference can be significant. It also allows you to focus on strategy and driving business rather than the day-to-day.

Next Steps

So, while you’re at it with the financial statements, give us a call and let us give you a hand. We’ll help you take stock of the people matters that keep your team committed and drive success daily. Read more about our solutions here.

If this sounds like the type of assistance your company or your existing HR team could use – please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team would be glad to lend a hand!

Image showing HR Audits