9 Common Roadblocks to Scaling that Can Be Identified with an HR Audit by a Certified HR Consultant

Most businesses dream of the day they can scale their operations to take their venture to the next level. Where most companies fall short in their attempts to scale is a lack of support in human resources. Successful scaling goes hand-in-hand with a strong HR department or expert HR consultant. Identifying roadblocks and potential areas of improvement in your HR team with an HR audit greatly maximizes your business’s scaling capabilities and growth.

1. Hiring

As your business grows, keeping up with that growth by adding new people to your team is essential. Consider how many new people you need to maintain the balance of not overwhelming your current employees and not hiring too many new people to reduce anyone’s hours. Conducting an HR audit is an excellent way to know how many employees to hire.

2. Screen Potential Candidates

How do you decide who gets hired? What abilities and experience are you looking for? What does the interview process look like for you? These are all things an HR consultant can help you sort out. They’ll begin by identifying problem areas in your candidate screening process and organize solutions with an HR audit to help you scale your business with suitable new hires.

3. Onboarding Processes

How smooth is your onboarding process? Getting employees onboarded quickly and professionally is vital to keep your business moving forwards and creating employee satisfaction. Integrating new hires into your organization is the next step in expanding your team. It is another area a human resources consultant will look at during an HR audit.

4. Training and Development

Next up on the HR audit checklist is training and development. Similarly to the onboarding processes, training and development are areas that, when successful, help with moving the business forwards. Investing in employee development also keeps employees happy and informed. Your human resources audit results will help you make the best impression possible.

5. Employee Retention

To keep your business thriving, you need to help your employees thrive. Make them feel valued. Know and follow employment laws, listen to employee concerns, and create a healthy work environment. Satisfied employees are more likely to stay, work hard, and won’t leave you scrambling to find personnel. An HR audit will help you identify areas to bring up employee satisfaction to help keep your team.

6. Employee Benefits

What do your employees need? If unsure, an HR consultant will help you determine what works for employees and what doesn’t and provide cost-effective solutions to boost employee satisfaction and health. Providing better benefits enables you to keep your employees healthy and able to come to work. Benefits also offer incentives to prospective job candidates.

7. Conflict Management & Resolution

Conflict is inevitable, so the way you deal with it is fundamental. How you handle conflict resolution will strengthen your team or cause more issues in the long run. A big part of successful scaling is keeping employees at the top of their game so they can respond to business needs. When conflicts at work affect your teams, things slow down. You can boost your ability to resolve conflict by reevaluating company procedures.

informed. Your human resources audit results will help you make the best impression possible.

8. Evaluation

Give your employees constructive criticism during evaluations to help your team continuously grow and improve. But what makes great feedback? Working with an HR consultant will help you dissect your evaluation process and create a successful procedure for team evaluations.

9. Examine Policies

An HR audit helps find gaps in your policies and procedures so we can create solutions to build a successful department to open the road for scaling. And an audit conducted by a certified HR consultant will be carefully and consciously conducted by professionals who can spot issues you might miss.

Successful Scaling with HR Audits by HR Consultants

Get the most out of your HR department by identifying problem areas and creating constructive solutions with an HR audit from Tenfold HR Solutions. Let our knowledgeable HR consultants create a successful human resources department and a strong foundation for scaling. Get started today!