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HR Solutions For Small to medium-sized companies

With outsourced HR, you can cut costs, streamline processes, and gain access to experienced professionals without the overhead of full-time staff.

Our team of executive-level professionals, human resources generalists, and recruitment specialists will work with you to tailor our services to your company’s unique needs. Whether it’s a fully integrated HR department, help with a particular project or situation, a review of your current practices, or just the advice of an HR professional, our scalable solutions will help you achieve your objectives. 

Our purpose is to deliver results and provide excellent customer service. We will listen to you, assess the challenges, and create a strategic plan to accomplish your goals. We may even have solutions you didn’t know existed! 

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Need to build your
HR function from scratch?

Solution: HR Core Solution

The basics, done right.


This out-of-the-box solution provides the basics your company needs to run your HR function smoothly. Policies & processes are customized to reflect your company’s unique culture while maintaining compliance and best practices.


If you don’t need everything included in this bundle, we can customize a solution to meet your needs with our Everyday Support As Needed service.

Need help with day-to-day hr?

Solution: Everyday Support
  • As Needed: access to all our services (general HR support, hourly recruitment, specialized services) at an hourly rate, or


  • Fixed Monthly Fee: if you need a higher volume of support. Access to all our services at a predictable, lower hourly rate.


Services Offered:

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Need to optimize
your existing
HR function?

Solution: HR Audit
Expert review; gap analysis.

  • Review of your existing HR systems, processes, policies, and all related materials.
  • Compare with current legislation and best practices.
  • Return a report/present findings along with recommendations and support solutions.
  • HR FAQ

    Fractional HR, also known as part-time HR, is a way for small businesses to access the expertise and services of an HR professional on a part-time basis. This service can be an effective and cost-efficient way for a small business to handle its HR needs, as it allows the business to get the help it needs without hiring a full-time HR person.

    Here are a few signs that your company may benefit from the help of professional HR:

    • You have a high employee turnover rate.
    • You are having difficulty attracting and retaining top talent.
    • You are experiencing legal or compliance issues related to HR.
    • You are unsure how to handle complex HR issues, such as employee benefits or performance management.
    • You spend a lot of time on HR-related tasks and not enough on other important aspects of running your business.

    If you are experiencing any of these issues, Tenfold HR can provide guidance and support to help you manage your HR responsibilities effectively while you focus on your growing business.

    Customer Testimonials

    Derek Ciezki, P.Eng.SMP Engineering
    Read More
    "I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris Pangrass and his team over the last few years through his work and support of the Edmonton Construction Association board. Chris spearheaded the Executive search for a new President of the ECA and was able to streamline the process, conduct interviews and follow-up as well as provide guidance to the board during the process to help us select the best candidate."
    Terry Whittingham Brokel Stainless Steel
    Read More
    "The Team at Tenfold really helped us out when we needed some solutions to challenges we faced with HR. I was needing to call an expert, and Deanne and the team gave us some great ideas. Kudos, and thanks again."
    James JacksonTourism Jasper
    Read More
    "We initially brought on Tenfold to elevate our HR processes, but ended up gaining a valued advisor and partner. Not only has Tenfold helped us improve our HR performance in terms of formalizing processes and onboarding new software and tools, but they have helped cultivate and professionalize our culture and create additional value for our team. It is also also important to note that their team has really helped us "look around corners" in anticipating social issues, policy compliance, and industry trends. I cannot recommend their services enough--you will be lucky you decided to work with them."
    Brad Lange4 Way Electrical
    Read More
    "Amazing customer service and dedication. Tenfold has helped our company recruit multiple employees now. Will definitely be using their services again!"
    Sheila CollinsDriftpile Cree Nation
    Read More
    "I have really enjoyed working with TenFold this last year. We initially connected with them to complete an Audit on our HR department. However, within the first month, they became a valuable and trusted asset to our organization. The staff have been amazing to work with; gave great advice and guidance, quick to respond, and generally a great group of people!!! They assisted us in setting up an electronic HR system, Bamboo HR, and we are so excited to begin this new journey!! A special shout out to Kayla and Kim, thank you for all you do, it is a pleasure working with you both!!!"

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    HR Technology

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    Conflict Resolution

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